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Online Texts:
Government Purchasing Factsheet (by GPP)

How to Encourage Forest-Friendly Purchasing in Your Community (by the Resource Conservation Alliance)

Multinational Monitor articles on deforestation and wood consumption:

To order the following texts available through the Government Purchasing Project, please contact us at

Forty Ways to Make Government Purchasing Green, by Eleanor J. Lewis & Eric Weltman. (1992)

Issues in Resource Conservation: Briefing Series #1, policy papers (1998). Includes: "Agricultural Residues: A Promising Alternative to Virgin Wood Fiber" by Meghan Clancy-Hepburn, "How Building Codes Affect Sustainable Development" by Nicole Capretz, "Introduction to the Industrial Hemp Petition" by Ned Daly, and "The Industrial Hemp Petition" by Jay Halfon.

Cut Waste Not Trees: How to Use Less Wood, Cut Pollution, & Create Jobs, published by Rainforest Action Network. (1995)

Other Recommended Publications from Watershed Media (please visit them at to order):

Building With Vision: Optimizing and Finding Alternatives to Wood, Watershed Media (2001)

Guide to Tree-Free, Recycled and Certified Papers, Watershed Media (1999)

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